Vane Axial Fans

Vane axial inline fans are the most efficient axial design. Precision machining creates a tight tip clearance between blade tips and the fan housing. Integral straightening vanes redirect swirling airflow after the impeller into a linear flow at the discharge, further adding increased efficiency.



Model RA is a high performance, direct drive vane axial fan. The casing design and construction are well suited for indoor or outdoor applications and can be easily installed in ducted or non-ducted systems. The RA fan is designed to significantly reduce operating costs with peak total efficiency ranging from 70-86%.

  • Capacities up to 200000 CMH (117,715 CFM)
  • Up to 1700 Pa (6.8 in. wg)

AMCA licensed for Air and Sound performance (AMCA 211 and 311)

CE Certified

High Temperature Certification:300°C / 2 Hrs (572°F / 2 Hrs) (F300 Certificate 370-CPR-1745)

High Temperature Certification:400°C / 2 Hrs (752°F / 2 Hrs) (F400 Certificate 370-CPR-1848)

RA-3 Series

Model RA-3 Series vane axial inline fans are ideal for inline air ventilation in commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. The RA-3 Series provides you with more performance and price options.

  • Fan diameters range from 315mm to 1600mm
  • Capacities up to 215,000 CMH (126,544 cfm)
  • Up to 1,367 Pa (5.5 in. wg)


AMCA Air and Sound Performance