Project Profile: DLF The Camellias


The Challenge

  • Supply and exhaust air from basements for normal ventilation. Exhaust smoke and supply fresh air in case of fire situation.
  • Use AMCA-licensed ventilation equipment and CE certified fans for high temperature to ensure reliable operation and to instill confidence in the building among owners and residents.
  • Supply pressurization fans for stairs, lift well, lift lobby and service areas.
  • Install fans with low sound levels to ensure quiet operation in a prestigious residential environment.

    Construction of DLF The Camellias condominium building, a super luxury residential development in DLF 5, Gurgaon, Haryana, began in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2019. DLF is India’s leading real estate company. The project features 429 apartments in nine buildings that are either 18, 21 or 38 stories tall. Each building offers three-level underground parking. The new condominiums are the latest additions to a beautiful 17.5-acre residential community surrounding the DLF Golf & Country Club. The Camellias clubhouse is equipped with top-of-the-line facilities for residents. DLF specified that only certified and qualified ventilation fans be installed throughout the buildings and underground car parks. Fans with lower power consumption were required to reduce electrical costs. Quiet, reliable operation was also an important consideration to ensure that residents receive an enjoyable living experience in a relaxed, peaceful environment.

Greenheck’s Solution

• (697) Greenheck High Performance, High Efficiency Axial Fans (Model RA)

A total of 697 Greenheck high performance, high efficiency axial fans (Model RA) were installed in the basement, lifts, lobby, staircase, plant room, Diesel Generator (DG) room, Stair Case Pressurization (STPR) area and other service areas for normal supply/exhaust and emergency supply/exhaust. These fans help supply fresh air for normal ventilation and exhaust smoke in case of fire emergency in the underground parking areas. The Greenheck Model RA fans are licensed by AMCA for sound and air performance and CE certified for high temperature per EN-121101-3:2015. Greenheck Model RA fans are direct drive axial fans designed for inline air ventilation in commercial, high-rise residential, institutional or industrial buildings. Model RA is designed to significantly reduce operating costs with peak total efficiency up to 86%. The unique airfoil blade design on Model RA also offers lower sound levels than other axial fans. The project manager was impressed with how thoroughly Greenheck tests its products and the performance certifications it offers. Each Model RA fan is tested at the factory before it’s shipped. Motor amp, speed and voltage measurements are reviewed to ensure proper performance, and a mechanical vibration test ensures quiet operation.

The Results

Greenheck’s Model RA axial fans met the energy efficiency requirement established by the developer by providing sustainable energy savings. The DLF Project Manager was extremely pleased with the energy efficiency, fan performance, lead time, and low sound levels. “We started our journey with Greenheck in year 2000,” he said. “They have been a true partner when it comes to adding value and maximizing efficiency of projects we manage. Greenheck is a well-known company in HVAC. That’s the reason we chose them for this project. We will continue to work with them on upcoming projects.”
RA_Fan_Camellias_India RA_Fan_Basement_Camellias_India