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What factors prevent fans from not performing as specified?
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There are numerous reasons why fans may fail to perform as specified, but first it is important to understand what defines acceptable performance. According to AMCA Publication 200, a fan installed in a ventilation system should expect a tolerance of +/- 7.5% for flow (cfm). In other words, a fan which produces 1,000 cfm in a lab environment should provide a volume flow rate of 925 to 1,075 cfm when installed in a properly designed ventilation system. Volume flow rates falling below this range are typically the results of variances in system static pressure or mechanical problems with the fan. Common symptoms include:
Obstructions in the duct system - closed dampers, closed registers, dirty filters, clogged coils
Obstructions in the fan inlet - elbows to close to the inlet, walls too close to the inlet
Duct design - improperly designed turning vanes, leaks in supply or exhaust ducts
Fan related - impeller running backwards, fan speed too low, impeller dirty or clogged, clearances between inlet cone and wheel cone are incorrect.
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