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What does it mean for a fire damper, smoke damper, or combination fire & smoke damper to be UL Classified?
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First, it means that the damper’s design has been tested per the requirements of the applicable UL 555 series of test standards (UL 555 Fire Dampers or UL 555s Smoke Dampers). Second, it means that the damper was manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service Program. The Follow-Up Service Program subjects the dampers to random, unannounced inspections by UL’s follow-up service personnel. The UL inspector compares the construction of the dampers being produced with the manufacturer’s UL Follow-Up Service Procedure, which describes the construction of the dampers that were tested to the requirements of the standard. Any variation between the dampers being produced and the Follow-Up Service Procedure can result in the inspector preventing the damper(s) from shipping with the UL Classification Mark (i.e. the UL label).
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